Hypermobility Sleeping Hacks: So Simple, Yet So Effective3 min read

Are you currently struggling to get a good night rest?

Sleep is crucial to keep yourself healthy and happy, yet, it is difficult to have good sleeping habits and conquer a restful night.

Keep reading to find out the BEST sleeping hacks I have discovered in my years helping my Hypermobility patients with their sleeping habits.


The Magic Of Body Pillows

Body pillows are great to support your knees and your trunk position without having a million pillows around you.

If you use one, you won’t have to worry about your pillows ending up on the floor.

Can’t Stay Still?

If you need to move in the night, make sure you do it as a unit. You want to turn all of you over, doing a log roll.

You don’t want to turn a piece and then another piece because you end up pulling through those rotation points, and it can cause a lot of pain. 

Avoid The HUGE Sit Up

When you go sit up, you want to push onto your side. Don’t do the big sit up.

Try not to sit with your legs straight out; get in the habit of going to your side and then rotating over

Do This If You Collapse In Your Sleep

If you tend to collapse to the front while you sleep, that’s where you want to add a pillow in the front, and if you have low back or SI issues, use a pillow between your knees. 

Do You Constantly Sublux Your Wrists Or Your Shoulders?

To make sure you are tucking your hand or shoulder under your head, you have to have enough pillow to hold your head and leave a space between your mattress and your head.

This way, you won’t have to adjust or shove your shoulder down there to fill the space. You will need two pillows, and they have to be fairly firm.

The same goes for wrists; a lot of people complain about wrist pain when they sleep. If you tend to sleep with your wrists curled in, you have to start straightening them out. If you need braces, go ahead and use them. 

No More Curling Into A Ball

If you like to curl up in a ball to sleep, you’re going to have issues.

Try to keep your joints out of that end range. Come back out of it and find that happy medium

Have You Heard Of A Neck Roll?

I highly recommend using a neck roll, especially if you have a flare-up. It should be squishy and support your neck.

You want to find that position under the curve of your neck, but your head is also supported.

You can also make it more significant support or less significant support by adjusting it with your pillow. Sometimes it may take 4 or 5 tries to get to that point where it feels best.

I would recommend you start using these sleeping hacks as soon as possible. Take them into consideration before going to bed, and you’ll start seeing a difference in your pain levels and overall quality of life in no time.

Sweet dreams!

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Oh my goodness I needed this! I am always so tired and fall asleep great (granted it’s curled up in a ball with my chin tucked) and of course wake up in pain and struggle finding another position to sleep in… but the only comfortable position is on my stomach or curled in a ball. Definitely trying out a body pillow!
Thank you for focusing on this disease!

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