Hypermobility Solution

What if you could live without the pain and limitations of your hypermobility?

What if you could exercise like normal, stretch like normal, and live like you aren't at risk of injury?

What if you could confidently manage your symptoms and start making progress from the comfort and safety of your home, while virtually supported by Kate Skinner, PT and a thriving community?

The Hypermobility Solution could be exactly what you've been searching for.

This Is My Story.

What is the Hypermobility Solution?

Physical Therapy for Hypermobility Syndrome

The Hypermobility Solution is the best way to educate yourself on what causes your hypermobility pain, while you also learn how to properly implement techniques that will help you improve your posture and stability, increase your strength, mental fortitude and significantly reduce your pain - regardless of how bad it feels right now!

Hypermobility Solution will guide you on your path towards a pain-free life from the comfort and safety of your home, and with the accountability and support from our team & online tribe. You will make progress very week, at your own pace!

If you (or someone you care for) experience some of these:

Joint Pain
Joint Stiffness
Back Pain
Dislocated Joints

Poor Balance
Clicking Joints
Recurrent Joint Injuries
Digestive Issues
Thin Skin
Stretchy Skin

...you might be suffering from hypermobility.

You could be suffering from hypermobility issues. If left untreated, you could wind up with chronic pain and recurrent injuries. Experiencing some of these symptoms does not guarantee that you have hypermobility, which is why you should take the hypermobility test to determine if you are at risk of being hypermobile.

Maybe you haven’t been diagnosed...

Maybe you have been diagnosed, and you are still processing it.

Maybe you can’t seem to find clear/complete professional resources to help you understand what Hypermobility is and how to address the symptoms.

Maybe you have been diagnosed but haven’t found any treatment that helps you reduce the pain.

Maybe you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING out there without success: from massage to heat treatment, from pain medication to herbal supplements….

Maybe you have done your research. You have found a couple of techniques that help with your symptoms (but hey, wouldn’t it help to have some professional help from someone that has suffered from hypermobility pain herself?).

Maybe you’d just really appreciate some answers and solid guidance that can help you support a loved one suffering from Hypermobility.

Can you live pain-free?

For someone suffering from Hypermobility, living a pain-free life is THE MOUNTAIN SUMMIT.

You know that being able to understand the causes of Hypermobility fully and to manage your symptoms is critical to living a pain-free, happier, and healthier life.


Imagine it...

After all the pain…
After all the unsuccessful visits to doctors, chiropractors, and other medical professionals...
After all the hours spent researching for the best treatments…

… the moment you wake up for the first time with NO hypermobility pain.

Ready to live pain-free?


  • Bi-Weekly LIVE access to an expert on pain management and Hypermobility, who also happens to have Hypermobility herself - to help answer specific questions and support you on a pain-free journey, while you share your experience with others going through a similar path.

  • Forever access to 10 weeks of training and all the related resources - from tracking sheets to detailed how-to’s for every technique taught in the course.

  • A step-by-step guide to managing your symptoms and reducing your pain.

  • PLUS, exclusive lifetime access to our Hypermobility Solution Facebook community for all the symptom management support you need.

  • The ability to take back control of your life.

Can’t you already taste it? The sweet flavor of pain-free life?

What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about pain?

This is YOUR solution to hypermobility.

Imagine how your entire world will open up once you can thrive through life without pain.




You’ve spent hours daydreaming of considering what you would do if you didn’t have any pain.

How it will feel...

What it will mean for your future... You don’t know precisely how to improve your condition, but you know that you’re ready to start moving.



Why other systems fail...

Maybe you've tried other systems without effect. Other systems fail because...

  • They didn't educate you on what is causing your symptoms.
  • They didn't set realistic goals and you lost motivation.
  • There wasn't a tracking system in place to monitor progress.
  • They don't have the medical background to create a refined system.
  • They focused too much on strength training and not enough on balance.
  • They don't know what it's like to actually HAVE hypermobility.

I Can Walk Again

[Kate] taught me how to walk again. As a nurse for 20 years, I had a lot of knowledge. I thought I could fix a lot of things on my own, but her knowledge is so much more detailed.

This Program is Worth It

I would say if you can take her class, take it. If I hadn't met Kate, I wouldn't be moving right now. It can be very powerful. It takes work but it's worth it!

Such a Significant Resource

I would definitely recommend taking the course, no matter your level of ability. I feel the mechanics and knowledge are useful for everyone on the spectrum of hypermobility.

Join the Hypermobility Program Today

When you enroll during this special, limited-time launch period, you’ll get...

Pre-work with downloadables, videos, checklists, and assessments (Value: $500).

Weekly LIVE 1-hour training directly with Kate (Value: $1,000).

Weekly Office Hours with direct access to Kate (Value: $1,000)

Access to our Exclusive Hypermobility Solution Facebook Community. (Value: $200)

Instant access to all 10 modules (Value: $1,000)


You can get all this TODAY at our special launch price:

Single Payment: $197

This single payment is even less than two average PT appointments.

Even less than a gym membership for only a couple of months. Isn’t it worth it?

Hi, I'm Kate Skinner.

I'm a Doctor in Physical Therapy and I'm also Hypermobile.

My history with hypermobility is similar to many others. Hypermobility is often misdiagnosed or worse, ignored.

Many sufferers spend years dealing with their symptoms before finally realizing the common thread and working on management.

I am a physical therapist and currently specialize in chronic pain and hypermobility. This path chose me as much as I chose it, and earned me my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2005 trying to solve my own muscle pain.

Kate Skinner PT Hypermobility Solution

Get the Hypermobility Solution

PRE-WORK: Introduction to the Hypermobility Solution

  • Overview and expectations
  • How to apply the Hypermobility Solution 
  • Background 
  • My Story: How Kate Skinner overcame Hypermobility.

Module 1: Hypermobility 101

Most common hypermobility symptoms.

Causes of Hypermobility

Tracking your pain

Setting your personal goals

All about postures and positions.

Module 2: Managing your symptoms

Acute symptoms management
Shorten don’t stretch
Heat vs. Ice
Massage and self-trigger point release
Stabilization principles

Module 3: Movement

Review of positioning and posture
Learn and practice how to properly:
Sit to stand
Roll over in bed
Forward bend
Climb stairs

Module 4: Basic Strength Program

How to access your current strength.
Difficulties and myths about strengthening with Hypermobility
Core. Instruction on basic TA program from level 1-3

Module 5: Balance

Instruction on starting balance
Starting a balance and stability program
How to incorporate into a daily life routine


Module 6: Strength II

Progression of the strength program
Instruction on additional areas including:
Row series
Shoulder ER/ rotator cuff strength
Neck retraction/ stabilization
Shoulder stabilization.

Module 7: Balance II

Uneven ground training using
How to combine uneven ground training with basic movements

Module 8: Cardio Program

How and where to start
What types of activities work well
How to progress

Module 9: Functional and Combination Movement

Lifting with weight
Rotation and twisting how-tos

Module 10: Long Term Progression and Management

Long-term symptom management
Getting the help you need
Co-morbidities and effects of other conditions on Hypermobility
Chronic illness
Work smarter not harder
Progression back to daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Get in touch with us directly.


Crissy Laubach

Within 15 minutes with Kate, I had a diagnosis and was on my way to recovery. She was thorough, understanding, reassuring, and open to questions. She always told me what to expect with my knee, so that I was fully prepared and knew exactly what to do. My knee has gained strength and we are now working on endurance, but most importantly, I no longer have pain and have my quality of life back.

Erin G

Kate Skinner has helped me immensely! I feel better, I'm stronger and I can take care of my body much better now. A surgeon suggested an operation, but Kate has helped me avoid that option.

Anne Crisp

Kate gave me my life back and we are so thankful for everything she has done. I wish I would have found her sooner. I could have prevented my bowel blockage surgery if I would have got to her sooner. The whole staff is wonderful.

Leslie Sims

Great Divide was my third attempt at physical therapy for my back, I feel I am finally on the road to recovery with my back! Kate Skinner and all the staff are awesome! Kate has been my answer to prayer

What are you waiting for?

You want to live without hypermobility pain.

You want to start making changes from wherever you are right now.

You want to start making progress today but still remain safe.

You are ready for the Hypermobility Solution.

You Have Been Diagnosed With A Hypermobility-Related Syndrome...

Now What?

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